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It’s Just A Placebo!

I’ve been reading through some comments on my YouTube channel.

And among the many positive comments there are, of course, plenty of trolls insisting that subliminals can’t possibly have any positive effect.

Or… if they do have an effect… it’s just a placebo.

And that’s gotta be my favorite comment of all.

“It’s just a placebo!”

It’s just the mind’s ability to create massive, positive changes in your body and your reality through the power of belief alone.

No big deal, right?

I mean, let’s really think about the placebo effect here.

A sugar pill can often cure a disease simply because the test subject was told that it was medicine. They believed that this medicine would heal them, and so their body healed itself in accordance with that belief.

Your mind has the power to dictate the reality you experience from moment to moment, based on what you believe, and if believe that a sugar pill can cure a disease, it will.

Well, obviously the sugar pill has little to do with it. Your body always has the power to heal itself, but if it takes a guy in a lab coat prescribing you a fake medicine for a clinical trial to activate your belief center and *allow* your body to heal itself…

…Then so be it.

Anyway, that sort of placebo only works on people who already have a strong faith and belief in guys in white lab coats.

Other people need a more direct method to rewire their beliefs.

And, of course, subliminal audio is a great way to directly access your subconscious and remove limiting beliefs or install useful beliefs.

Speedzen Subliminal CDs take it a step further by inducing a deep, meditative state while you listen so that you can vividly visualize the outcome you desire while you listen…

…Thereby creating much faster changes in belief, since your subconscious mind experiences those visualizations as reality.

This causes you to believe that the outcome is not only possible, but inevitable, and your new beliefs will manifest that reality…

First within – then without.

It’s just your mind’s ability to create your reality based on what you believe is possible.


  1. I have used Subliminal recordings for 40 years.
    They work. I started with the
    Jonathan Parker Gateway tapes back in the 80s. One day in particular I had a headset on and was listening to “increase concentration “and a person that was sitting next to me looked over, tapped me on the shoulder and asked what are you thinking about, you look like you’re in such deep concentration.
    I know what I was thinking, but I was very surprised that my face mimicked how I felt.

  2. Absolutely go within or go without the mind has been shown to heal the body completely so if this works as a placbo then that’s a awesome thing

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