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The Next Generation Of Speedzen Subliminals

It’s here…

Speedzen’s most powerful subliminal audio format yet…

And it’s called…

Speedzen 2.0


Super creative name, I know. 🙂

It’s appropriate though.

Because it’s the 2nd generation of Speedzen audio technology, and… the primary feature of Speedzen 2.0 is the dual scripting method.

Each audio track contains two separate subliminal scripts, delivered separately to each hemisphere of your brain.

And what better way to introduce this new technology than by upgrading my flagship subliminal program, Unstoppable Confidence?

Or, as it will now be known by it’s super creative new name: Unstoppable Confidence 2.0

You can read all about the new program and scripting method here.

And, as promised, if you already owned Unstoppable Confidence before the upgrade, you can simply login to your account now and download the new Unstoppable Confidence 2.0 MP3s… at not additional charge.

Important: Just be sure to read the new listening instructions found on the new product description page before getting started!

The instructions are different than the old program.

And the results will speak for themselves, but only if used correctly!

Best Wishes,
Jason Lynch
Founder – Speedzen Subliminals

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Perfectionism… or Paralyzing Fear of Failure?

Perfectionism is a silly excuse for never finishing anything.

Most people use it as a disguised form of procrastination.

* Waiting to apply for that perfect job until they get their resume just right… Only to lose that job to someone else with a ‘good enough’ resume.

* Or waiting to ask that one person out on a date… Only to watch them get swept off their feet by someone else who wasn’t waiting for the perfect time or the perfect thing to say.

* Or holding off on launching that new business until everything was perfectly in place… Only to have someone more motivated and action-oriented launch the exact same business and steal all the glory and success.

It seems like the only thing “perfectionists” ever get perfect is the ability to watch other people succeed.

…And then complain about it.

I got really good at that myself, in my younger days, before I had an important realization:

Those people who were stepping over me to take all the things I wanted in life didn’t give a damn about being perfect.

They weren’t sitting around waiting for the stars and planets to align.

They weren’t waiting for permission to take action.


They understood that “good enough” efforts are usually more than enough to get the job done.

Especially if you take action fast, and get there before the so called “perfectionists.”

You can always improve as you go.

You *will* make mistakes and people *will* criticize you.

But, you keep your eye on the prize, and you adjust your course, and then…

You can keep moving forward and keep getting better… *as you go.*

Things will never be perfect.

You’ll never be perfect.

But, when you simply embrace that truth, most people finally see their perfectionism what it really was…

…Fear of failure.

…Fear of not measuring up.

…Fear of being “not enough.”

You’ll also start to notice that the people criticizing you are usually just the other “perfectionists” anyway.

They’re sitting around waiting for the perfect time or the perfect circumstances.

Because they’re terrified that they’ll fail otherwise.

And it really bothers them when other people let go of that fear and take action, because it draws attention to their own inaction.

Because their criticisms are just their own disguised frustrations over the fact that you’re taking action, getting things done, making it look easy, and… they aren’t.


What things have you been putting off until the stars are perfectly aligned in your favor?

More importantly, how will your life look in 5 years if you keep putting it off?

And how much better will your life look like 5…10…15 years from now if you just said “screw it” and let go of that fear of not being perfect and just got started… right now?

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Is loneliness killing us?

I read a disturbing news article today.

It talks about how loneliness is reaching epidemic proportions in our society.

Apparently, despite our world being more connected than ever, people are connecting less and less on a personal level.

It’s all about posting selfies on Facebook…

Not about developing meaningful, personal relationships with real people, face to face.

And, without meaning and purpose in their relationships, more and more people are experiencing the negative effects of chronic loneliness in their lives.

From the article:

“The trouble is that chronic loneliness doesn’t just make you feel terrible – it’s also terrible for you. Loneliness elevates our risk of developing a range of disorders, including cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative diseases, cognitive decline, and metastatic cancer. It also weakens the immune system, making us more susceptible to infections.”

So what can be done?

Everybody has seemingly forgotten how to connect with others.

These days, it’s hard to have a night out at a restaurant without everyone checking their cell phones during dinner.

The article goes on to suggest a pill.

That’s right.

There are scientists working on a pill for loneliness.

Instead of teaching young people about the psychological need for face-to-face interaction, and developing simple social skills, they want to drug them up.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

But, something else from the article caught my attention:

“If we could successfully reduce the alarm system in the minds of lonely individuals, then we could have them reconnect, rather than withdraw from others”

And that gives me hope.


Because you can do that without drugs.

You can easily learn to relax and adjust to normal social interaction with simple meditation.

I’ve even developed a subliminal session specifically for loneliness, to help you break free from the mental and emotional prison that social media has apparently created for so many people.

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Why so few people succeed where most people fail

Success is all about seeing opportunities.

It’s about what you notice…

…or fail to notice.

I noticed an interesting experiment once where a self-described “unlucky” man was followed for a few days.

The experimenters set up lucky events for this guy, to see if they could change his belief about himself.

But the events in his life didn’t make him lucky or unlucky, because…

He completely ignored all the lucky events.

For example: One day he walked right past some cash that they had placed on the ground in front of his office.

He didn’t even notice it was there.

Another passerby picked it up instead.

So his belief that he was unlucky forced him to conform to that belief.

Even to the point of ignoring lucky events all around himself.

Your beliefs about yourself also shape your reality.

In exactly the same way.

Because they force you to notice things that confirm those beliefs…

…And to completely ignore anything that might change those belief (even if it’s a good change!)

Put two different people, with two different sets of beliefs, in to the exact same situation and…

They’ll experience two entirely different realities.

One person – blessed with an abundance mindset and a belief in infinite possibilities – will see himself surrounded by opportunities.

He’ll immediately get to work, using those opportunities to increase his position and improve his reality even more.

But another person – cursed with a scarcity mindset and a belief in a fundamental lack of possibilities…

He’ll see himself with nothing.

He’ll focus on everything that he doesn’t have and make all sorts of excuses for not taking action to improve his situation.

Given the exact same circumstances, he will experience a totally different reality, and a totally different outcome…

…Even though the external reality is exactly the same for both people.

So what beliefs are shaping your reality?

Is it a belief in abundance that allows you to see the opportunities around you, and take action to make the most of them?

Or are you instead held prisoner by the belief that you have limited opportunities, or that you’re unlucky, or that success just isn’t in the cards for you?

Either way, you’re surrounded by opportunity and abundance. We all are. More so today than any other point in history!

Maybe you just aren’t noticing it.

How many times have you walked right past money on the road…

Literally or metaphorically…

Simply because your negative belief didn’t let you see it?

Our Attract Money Subliminal Session is designed to help you notice, more and more each day, all the opportunities around you.

So that you can seize those opportunities and take action to tap into the wealth that already exists, all around you.

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New Year’s Resolutions That Are Doomed To Fail

2019 is right around the corner.

That means, come Tuesday morning, most people are going to be working through their hangover to get started on the Resolutions they’ve set for themselves.

Which, in most cases, will mean dropping X number of pounds.

They’ll start a diet they hate, hit the gym a couple times, and end the week by binge-watching Netflix while eating junk food.


Because there’s nothing motivational about goals you can’t control.

And losing a specific amount of weight isn’t something we can control.

So, if you really want to get in shape, what goal *should* you set for yourself to get there?

Well, a buddy of mine was bragging to me the other day about how he lost 51 pounds this year.

He’s in the best shape of his life.

And he did it without a gym membership or a fancy diet.

He didn’t even set a goal to lose the weight.

He’d tried doing that the last 5 years (with the goal of only 25lbs), and always gave up. So he knew he needed a different approach.

So, what goal did he set instead of losing weight?

Just this: To start exercising every day.

That’s it.

And, since he’d tried and failed before, he knew it had to be a simple exercise routine.

So simple, in fact, that he’d never, ever, have an excuse not to do it.

So incredibly, brain-dead easy that he could do it every day, without fail, and maybe even *enjoy* doing it.

  • 50 pushups.
  • 50 body-weight squats.
  • And a 1 miles walk.

Pretty easy, right?

And no special equipment or gym membership needed.

He could easily work this into his daily routine no matter what else was going on in his life.

It’s not very intense either.

But it didn’t need to be intense.

Consistency was the key.

He finally discovered that *consistent* daily actions – which he could completely control – provided way better results than focusing on one big goal (losing 25lbs) that he couldn’t directly control at all.

In less than one year, he more than *doubled* his initial goal – which he had always failed to achieve the old way.

So my point here is this:

Setting huge goals for yourself in 2019 might blow up in your face.

It’s just human nature.

We set a big goal, without a clear idea of how to reach it, and totally ignore the fact that we can’t actually *control* the outcome…

Then, when we don’t reach the outcome right away, we give up and feel like we’ve failed.

It’s way easier to focus on goals you *can control*.

It’s easier to stay motivated when your goal is to change one thing in your daily routine.

Because then every day is a success.

It pumps you up for the next day… and the next…

And before you know it, that consistent, daily action adds up to some major positive outcomes in your life.


What big goals have you set for yourself in 2019?

Would your chances of success increase if you could break it down into a simple, daily routine that’s guaranteed to get you there (or beyond)… without all the pressure of focusing on the big goal itself?

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How Motivation Kills Success

If you want to make huge changes in your life…

Then you’ll want to avoid the trap of trying to make dozens of changes at once.

I realize the temptation is huge.

You discover subliminals that really work to make changes in your life.

You get super excited and want to change everything about yourself…

Everything that is holding you back…

And you want to change it all, now.

One of the most overlooked mistakes in personal development is over-motivation.

Basically, it’s wanting something so badly, wanting to make changes in yourself and your life so quickly, that you get in your own way and trip over your own feet.

When it comes to money, over-motivation can be an enormous hurdle.

Same goes for physical fitness.

This is why you make one change in your life at a time, instead of 20.

Once you decide to make a specific change, you track it.

And do so in a way that every day becomes a small victory.

Every day you improve a bit more.

Every day you feel successful, like you’re actually making real progress.

You can’t just learn something new and expect mastery over night.

Learning about it is only the first step.

Next, you have to *practice* what you’ve learned.

Study and practice.

Study and practice.

Mastery comes from *doing* the thing you’re learning to do.

Want to be more confident at social events? You need to attend more social events.

Simply listening to a subliminal session and repeating positive affirmations won’t cut it. They’re great for the initial mindset shift and confidence boost, but you need to solidify that new confidence with *experience.*

Want to master a new language? You need to speak that language, more and more each day. Just reading about it won’t get you there.

Want to start a successful business? Studying how to start a business won’t make it happen until you get out there and *do* what you’ve learned… And probably fail, but learn from your mistakes… then practice and try again until you master it.

In short…

Change takes work, and change takes time.

If you spread yourself thin across several changes at once, you won’t have enough time and energy to make serious progress with any one of those changes.

So focus on one thing.

Track your progress daily.

And turn every day into a successful step forward on your journey!

Not sure where to focus your efforts?

Then perhaps getting clear on where you want to go in your life is the place to start.

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Give the Gift of Good Sleep

Fixing my sleep schedule was the most life-changing discovery I made in 2018.

  • I have more energy.
  • I’m more productive.
  • My memory has improved.
  • I don’t get sick when everybody else does.
  • And I just plain feel better in every way imaginable.

All because I’m getting the right amount of sleep now…

Instead of just the 4-5 measly hours a night that I was told (lied to) that I needed to get by.

So I’ve been talking a lot about the importance of good sleep this year.

Getting good sleep is the easiest and most obvious – and most *overlooked* – way to quickly improve your health and your quality of life in every way.

So I’m hoping more people discover, and share, this “secret” to renewed health and energy with their loved ones.

Just get 7-8 hours of *quality* sleep each night.

On that note…

Our Christmas sale starts today!

So you can get 10% off all Speedzen subliminals, store wide.

Including our Sleep Aid CD, which is great for anyone struggling to fall asleep and stay asleep, for a truly deep and rejuvenating full night of sleep:

And… this is the last weekend to get CDs delivered in time for Christmas.

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My Uncensored Opinion of “The Secret”

You might be amazed what you can accomplish when you finally figure out how to use the ‘control panel’ of your own mind.

Actively creating the life you desire… instead of reacting to external circumstances.

I mean…

Have you ever pictured your life and what it would be like if you were able to take control of how you feel?

Moment to moment, pointing your attention – like a flashlight – towards the people and activities that give your more of what you want… while leaving everything else in the dark.

Most people never look at it this way.

Instead of directing their own attention, they allow their attention to be drawn towards things by external influences… usually towards negative things… like their failures and regrets.

And if you’re always shining light on your failures… you’re leaving all the opportunities for future success “in the dark” of your mind.

Your imagination is the most powerful tool you have.

And when you use it properly, it can almost look like magic to anyone watching as you suddenly start succeeding at everything you do…

….almost as if you have some kind of psychic ability to see opportunities nobody else noticed…

…and immediately take action to get what you want…

…Without hesitation… and totally free from self-doubt and needless worry.

And, of course, anyone watching you transform your life so quickly will jealously downplay your success as ‘luck.’

And even if you tell them how you’re doing it, most people won’t believe you…

…because it can’t really be that simple… can it?…

…it will still look like magic to anyone who doesn’t realize, that success is just a matter of using your imagination

…and then…


And that’s why it’s still so easy for so many “gurus” out there to keep selling that “Secret” nonsense.

They just hope you don’t over-think the fact that they make all their money promising to teach other people how to ‘manifest’ money.

Well… I prefer to teach things that actually work.

Because it’s better for long-term business, it’s better for my karma (if you’re into that), and… more importantly… it’s better for putting food on my table, because…

My clients only pay me for results.

If I spend 2 hours with a coaching client and can’t help them make the change I promised them… I don’t get paid!

And… my clients appreciate my no-BS approach because they only want one thing when they hire me…

…REAL techniques they can use to increase their performance on the job, in their business, or in their social lives.

And when it comes to Speedzen Subliminal CDs, I’ve taken everything that works best for my clients and packaged it all into easy-to-use sessions that subconsciously install all the beliefs necessary to get similar results in a fraction of the time. (And at a VERY small fraction of the price of coaching.)

And what’s the most important thing I teach my clients?

Simply this: How to control their imaginations.


Visualization is the most powerful tool you have for accelerating your learning… for programming your subconscious ‘goal-seeking’ system to lock on to any outcome you want… and for controlling how you feel about things, so that you are never ‘stuck’ in past regrets, and only ever feel motivated to keep moving forward…

…But it is clearly only the first step in the much larger, and life-long process of becoming more competent – and therefore CONFIDENT in everything that you ever do.

Instead of just visualizing the stuff you want…

…It’s far more effective to visualize yourself DOING the things that will bring you what you want.

Sounds simple, right?

Most life-changing truths are simple.

And that’s why they’re so easily overlooked and ignored by most people.

So maybe you’ll want to read it again.

And remember…

Always be learning. Always be growing. And always expect greater things for yourself and your loved ones as a result of your actions.

Because that is how you manifest limitless abundance…

….by BEING limitlessly abundant in everything that you think, feel, and DO.

Just focus on developing the determination to follow through on the goals you visualize, and the rest will fall into place!

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How To Stop Spreading Yourself So Thin That You Never Finish Anything

A person without a goal… a mission… a single purpose in life, is like a ship without a sail.

The waves push you this way and that.

But you never really move closer towards any one destination.

People who don’t have a clear mission and purpose in life always have trouble deciding what to do next.

Because – without that guiding mission – every task seems equally important, or unimportant.

There’s really no way to tell.

There’s no guiding principle for choosing one course of action over another, because there’s no clear way to measure the effectiveness of one over the other.

So, instead of picking a path and sticking to it, they move continuously back and forth, never really mastering any one skill, or working to achieve any one goal.

“Do I stick with this career, or study and train for a better one?”

“Do I stick with this diet, or pick a better one from the hundreds of others available?”

“Do I continue with this exercise plan, or will I get better results with a better one?”

“Do I listen to one subliminal session until I get the results I want, or do I listen to 3 at a time and get frustrated when nothing happens?”

This lack of decisiveness isn’t any sort of mental or emotional block.

It’s not a fear of commitment.

It’s simply a lack of certainty.

Until you’re certain about the end result you’re looking to achieve, anything and everything will look better than what you already have.

If you find yourself having trouble sticking to one course of study, or one career, or one single path towards any goal in your life…

You simply haven’t developed a clear vision of what you really want and where you’re really headed.

Because, once you know that… once you see it and *feel* it… all of your choices become obvious.

You know when you choose a course of action that it is the right one for you, because you know where you want to go and nothing else will distract you from that.

It’s easy to judge what’s best for you, because you can see where you are, where you’re headed, and what will get you there.

More importantly, you’ll easily identify what *won’t* get you there, and you can stop wasting time second guessing your decisions and jumping back and forth between different ways of reaching your goal.

Building a clear vision is like putting sails and a rudder on your ship.

Now, when the wind blows and the waves push you around, you can simply steer yourself straight through and towards your goal.

You won’t get swept away and pushed and pulled towards places you don’t want to go.

You’ll simply pick a path, decide the best way to travel that path, and do it.

But it all depends on building that vision, and developing the certainty that your one major goal, or purpose, is more important to you than all the others.

Then that mission and purpose can guide every decision you make moving forward:

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How can a bad habit simply vanish, without willpower?

This review for Healthy Eating Habits caught my attention today:

“As a non-drinker/smoker, I turn to food for that ‘dopamine hit’ in times of stress – which I have been under a lot lately.
On the way home from work yesterday, I drove right past my go-to spot for junk food and waited until I got home to eat something healthier.
That never happened before.” – Matthew

This bad habit of Matthew’s simply went away.

How does a subliminal do that?

Well, it’s actually a very interesting process.

And it’s also pretty simple once you really start to understand how we all make decisions – especially those automatic decisions that we make every moment of every day, without even thinking about it…

Those decisions are all driven by the images in your mind.

You eat junk food once, it tastes great, it give you a “dopamine hit” as Matthew so accurately describes it, and…

…Now you’ve got this mental movie of yourself eating junk food and feeling happier.

That mental movie drives your decisions from there on out.

Subconsciously, of course.

We rarely stop to pay attention to these mental images. But they’re in there, running behind the scenes in our subconscious, while our conscious mind is distracted with daily life.

And, in this case, that movie drives the decision to eat junk food to relieve stress.

But that movie is incomplete.

It only includes the image of feeling good immediately after eating the junk food.

What’s missing from that movie?

  • How bad you’ll feel the next day.
  • How much your health and energy levels will suffer if you keep eating that way every day.
  • The weight you’ll put on if you keep eating that way.

And so on…

All of the negatives are missing from the movie that’s driving the decision to eat junk food.

So, back to the original question…

How do my subliminal sessions change your automatic, unhealthy decisions?

By updating your mental movies with all the gory details that were missing before.

A session like Healthy Eating Habits is designed to change that movie of yourself eating junk food to get that “dopamine hit.”

It adds in all the negative parts.

It builds a clear vision of how bad you’ll feel in the long run, and also how *good* you’ll feel if you just eat something healthy instead.

And, of course, this all happens subconsciously… which leads to happy surprises in your own behavior, as Matthew discovered.

It’s all happening behind the scenes… that mental movie driving each decision you make when you aren’t really making decisions… all the things you do “automatically”…

So you just automatically do healthier things.