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My dastardly plan to get you to stop using my subliminals

In yesterday’s email I gave you a tool you can use to feel confident whenever you want. A few subscribers even wrote back and said they felt better after reading it… Without even doing the exercise. And that’s the sneaky part of the email that I mentioned yesterday. That email is a variation of one […]

Optimizing your brain’s search engine

WARNING: Today’s email is longer than usual but if you read it from beginning to end you might notice something interesting in the way you think and feel. Something good. Something that will change the way you feel about yourself, for the better, forever. Onward… What if Google had feelings, and it gave you search […]

Self-Discipline is NOT self-punishment

The good man, though a slave, is free; the wicked, though he reigns, is a slave, and not the slave of a single man, but — what is far worse — the slave of as many masters as he has vices. St. Augustine Self-discipline is treated like a dirty word these days. People cringe when […]

My secret weapon for laser-focused productivity

You ever sit down to work on something and then next thing you know hours have passed and you never actually did the thing you set out to do? I did that with my taxes today… Sat down at my computer to get started on last year’s tax return and the next thing I know […]

How to get infinite self-discipline

What does self-discipline look like to you? For me, it’s the ability to do what needs to be done whether I feel like it or not. Especially when I DON’T feel like it. And so on… I treat self-discipline like a muscle I can strengthen with exercise, and it keeps getting stronger. The more I […]

How I became an anti-hoarder

Neither of my parents were very tidy people. And while my childhood home wasn’t exactly a candidate for the show ‘Hoarders’, it got dangerously close at times. Now, as an adult, I’m a bit of an anti-hoarder due to my childhood experiences of chronic health problems and needless stress caused by my living environment. Some […]

Take off your blinders

I saw a fascinating experiment once where a self-described “unlucky” man was followed for a few days. The experimenters set up lucky events for this guy, to see if they could change his belief about himself. They failed to change his beliefs. He completely ignored all the lucky events they staged for him. For example: […]

Don’t wait until you’re dead to start living your life

Some of the biggest underachievers I know are actually very intelligent and capable people. Problem is… They use all that intelligence to sit around thinking of clever excuses for never doing anything new with their lives. Their limiting beliefs about themselves transform their intelligence into a mental prison… …Instead of what it should be: their […]

Speedzen Custom subliminal sessions questions and answers

Here are some frequently asked questions about my custom subliminal sessions… Q: Do I have to write the script myself? A: No. Your order includes a Speedzen 2.0 style subliminal NLP script, custom tailored to your individual needs. What you are getting is a full-length Speedzen session written just for you, with a script addressing […]

He went from creepy to charismatic… overnight!

Here’s a review from a Speedzen client who ordered a custom subliminal from me… Hello Jason,You made a custom subliminal session for being comfortable around women a week ago and wanted to give you some feedback.Last week a very attractive lady from Finland sought me out at work to greet me and gave me a […]