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Belief Part 1: Opening the Door to a New Reality

Your beliefs create your reality.

But your reality shapes your beliefs.

It’s a feedback loop that happens so seamlessly in the background of our lives that most people never even notice it.

As children, our beliefs are shaped by the people around us.

Then, our reality is set in motion by those beliefs, which reinforces those beliefs, as we continue into our adult lives without ever questioning any of it.

Most people tip-toe from cradle to grave without ever doubting or questioning the beliefs they were given…

…Beliefs handed down by people who also never doubted those beliefs, and so on.

So this default reality is passed from generation to generation… without question.

Now, if you’re here, reading this, then obviously you’ve realized that there is more to reality.

You’re probably already familiar with the idea that your beliefs shape your reality and you’re looking for ways to change your beliefs and experience a better reality than the one you inherited.

And you’ve no doubt experienced the difficulty of changing your beliefs while your current reality is bearing down on you, forcing you to maintain your old, limiting beliefs.

It’s a catch 22.

You want to believe that great changes are possible but, if your current beliefs don’t allow for major changes, you’ll keep spinning your wheels.

So, the first belief you need to create within yourself is that it’s possible to change your beliefs.

And the easiest way to do that is to start with something small.

That’s why, when you sign up for my newsletter, I provide you with a quick little confidence boosting MP3.

That free subliminal MP3 uses one of the 3 belief-changing methods (which I’ll explain later) to quickly change a small belief about yourself: That confidence is just a feeling and, since you are capable of feeling any emotion you choose…

…You can easily choose to feel confident.

That one simple belief change, easy as it is, can create an avalanche of changes in your reality, if you are open to it.

People respond differently to you when you feel confident. More opportunities open up to people who feel and project confidence. And a sustained, consistent mood of confidence opens up doors to possibilities you couldn’t even see before.

You begin to attract different people into your life.

You immediately experience less stress and more abundance in every area of your life.

You’ll start seeing more success in everything that you do, all because you’ve chosen to feel a specific emotion in your daily life.

And each of these changes in your reality will make you feel more confident, which reinforces your new belief.

The feedback loop is now working in your favor.

Since positive changes are reinforcing your new belief that positive changes can, and should, happen for you.

And BOOM, just like that…

You’ve switched lanes into a completely different reality.

The world around you remains the same.

The people around you remain the same.

But YOU are different and everything around you will respond and react to you much differently from here on out.

Your entire experience of reality will be profoundly changed from here on out.

All because of a tiny change in belief: That you deserve to feel confident.

And the full-length ‘Unstoppable Confidence‘ session uses all 3 belief-changing methods to provide a powerful foundation for all of your future growth, learning, and changes you choose to make in your reality.

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