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Screaming and Swearing at People on the Road

I was driving into town to do some grocery shopping yesterday when a old, beat up Honda Civic came speeding past me in the passing lane.

The driver had to slam on his breaks and swerve back into my lane, right in front of me, to avoid oncoming traffic.

I could see him screaming at the vehicle ahead of him.

We were all going the speed limit, but apparently that wasn’t enough for him.

And when oncoming traffic cleared he zipped back out into the passing lane and raced off.

Apparently he needed to be somewhere right now, and the whole world was in his way.

Did he get there any faster?

Well, not two minutes later I was pulling up right next to him at a red light.

We both reached the same destination at the same time.

I was relaxed and focused.

He was still screaming and swearing at the drivers around him for holding him back.

And I could only laugh because I used to be that guy.

I remember being so strapped for time – so frantic and disorganized – that every 30 seconds lost on the highway seemed like an eternity.

I remember wasting all my emotional energy venting my frustrations at the world around me for holding me up.

It was exhausting.

I was much less productive back then, because I spent so much emotional energy rushing and panicking that I never had any left to actually get things done.

And I sure hope for that guy’s sake that he learns to take a more relaxed approach to life, and schedule his time better, before his rage addiction leads to a heart attack or stroke.

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